About Me

The best is yet to come


You have to have that approach to life otherwise what do you have to look forward to? 
Putting my website together has been a big trip down memory lane and when I look back at what I have done so far - if the best is yet to come then it's got a lot to live up to!

When I started out gigging in and around Norwich I played at a lot of acoustic showcases and open mics which led me to doing solo gigs as well as supporting bands I had met along the way.

As well as playing at weddings, parties and pubs, I have also been involved in running local music events and festivals and I have had the pleasure of supporting Feral mouth, Killamonjambo and Aynsley Lister to name but a few.


I used to run 'Banham Live' which was a local evening of live music supporting local talent and bringing in musicians I had met and admired. 
I also started hosting the open mic at the Banham Barrel (my local) 
which I still do to this day. I started off singing there and love how inclusive and encouraging those evenings are.


At some point the Late Brakers formed and we have played in parallel with my solo path, often my solo gigs serving as an introduction to the louder electric version!
A good percentage of the songs I sing - both solo and with the band - are my own songs. Having been brought up in the church a lot of my spiritual side is reflected in the songs I write which usually contain elements of truth, experience or things that inspire me.



The open mic at the Barrel transformed into 'Later with James Veira' which is in the back room on the 'big' stage every Wednesday night. 


The old school open mic is not dead though, it has started up again on the first Thursday of the month in the bar.